Month: August 2004

Renewing friendships … looking forward …

I met Rodney a couple of years ago when we began a learning journey that impacted us in both similar and dissimilar ways. I recently received an e-mail from Rodney that he moved from The DFW area to Edmond and is working with students through Young Life. It will … Continue reading

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“Baptist Priests? …

Paul over at “Caught in the Middle”, has an intriguing post about Baptist Priests. Take a look.Continue reading

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Do we really care what is going on inside people …

Relating someone else’s story may rob the impact of the story and simply trivialize the experience. We tend to hear stories, analyze them and make suggestions as to what we would do to make it better. Such attempts leave the pained to wrestle with her or his pain. Unwittingly … Continue reading

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Love the quote …

A fellow blogger posted the following quore on is weblog.

“There is an African saying, ‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.'”

Thanks to Shok the German.… Continue reading

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What an August Evening …

The weatherman suggested August 2004 may go down in the record books as the 5th coolest August since they began recording temperatures. We, Patty and me, are sitting in the backyard with our bare feet running through the fresh cut lawn. Spurgeon is also soaking up the cool evening. … Continue reading

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