Month: August 2004

Learning as spiritual formation …

My time in bible study this morning – great job Kevin – led me to press the issue of learning or teachable ness as a nuance of the word gentleness used in the Scriptures. The idea of “apprenticeship” to Jesus as an image for spiritual formation first came to me by reading Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy; likely one of the single most challenging reads on life in the Kingdom of God.

I found an article on “Spiritual Formation” on Dallas’ website. This one is worth a read – “Spiritual Formation: What it is, and How it is Done.”

Thoughts from perviously unchurched …

I recently found this blog via another one I read and found a recent post insightful. What do you think? The title of the post, “You Can’t Handle It.”

Don’t we expect polish before service? Not sure it fits the Scripture.

Welcome …

We received a call last night that Aaron and Kandi have a new baby – Kiera Faith! Mom and baby are doing well. We rejoice in special ways with Aaron and Kandi.


Reading link …

NT Wright, the Anglican Bishop of Durham and noted scholar on the Apostle Paul, is in the process of writing a series of works on Christian Origins and The People of God. This project will eventually be five volumes in length. He has already published three volumes – tomes.

Andrew has posted some notes on these works as well as notes from a recent conference in which Wright led. Very good reading. Thanks Andrew!

Knit together …

Today marks the “2nd Anniversary” for Nathan and Carrie here on The Hill. We looked for leaders with a “heart toward God and a love for people.” God haas knit our hearts together and their value extends beyond the “role” they have in our church. They form a very integral part of our community of faith with whom we love sharing life and faith with as we follow Jesus together.

Glad they will be taking a much needed vacation beginning the middle of the week.

Nate and Carrie – we love you – ENJOY!