Month: August 2004

Searching insight …

This morning in Bible Study, we explored a familiar story – Jesus walking on water and Peter joining him. We reflected on some of the traditional implications when Jeff offered a very searching insight.

Could it be the story, which begins at thee end of the miracle of the “feeding of thee 5000” (in Matthew), is a case in point for expressing confidence in Jesus through various circumstances. He charges the disciples to go to the other side without him, they face a ferocious storm, Jesus comes walking on water, Peter shows his confidence in Jesus by joining him on the water, he falters amidst distractions yet knows to call on Jesus, Jesus joins them in the boat and yet they still must row for another mile to reach the destination.

Could this be one more occasion where the journey was the goal more than the destination?

Great connections Jeff.

On the previous post …

Couple of quizzical comments to my previous post. Out here in Tuttle, SBC provides the phone service. They provide dial-up speeds of 24-28k. In other words, you don’t surf the net, you “crawl.”

A new company is moving in to provide a high-speed alternative – wirelessly – WIFI. I am now “flying” on the Internet compared to crawling. I am looking forward to cacthing up on some reading and web site updating for another project right here from the comfort of the TV room, or the back porch or anywhere within connecting distance of my wireless network.