Month: March 2006

The Ides of March … Dividing …

Mrs. Burdette taught English at Northwest Classen. We spent some time with Shakespeare. I recall the words from Julius Caesar, “Beware the Ides of March.” According to Wikipedia, this signaled the dividing of March and referred to March 15, the day Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 … Continue reading

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Precisely why we need to be self-critical … Old Dogs Need to Learn Too …

One of the better writers and best preachers I know I affectionately refer to as either “Doc” or “Davis.” Early on his voracious appetite for reading helped impress on me the need for continued learning. Here he offers insight for those of us who run too far … Continue reading

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A meditation … adapted from Reliving the Passion …

I put the following together for our recent newsletter. Thoughts about the suffering of Christ and the Resurrection drew me back to Walter Wangerin Jr.’s little book, Reliving the Passion. Daily meditations are offered for the Christian Season of Lent. I read day “Twenty-six” and found the weaving … Continue reading

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Ever have one of these kind of computer days? …

I am just smart enough about IT stuff to be dangerous to myself and others. I am glad for Charlie and others who help keep us from these potentialities very close to home.

HT:Markvia e-mail.… Continue reading

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What is after ” just now”? … perspicuity and process …

We always enjoy a family trip to the bookstore. Last week the five of us went to dinner, the mall and Barnes and Noble. I have more than enough to read. A bookstore has an iPod shuffle effect on me. The Apple website suggests “random is the new order.” … Continue reading

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