Month: April 2006

Hot Dogs and Veils … A Theological Lunch …

Last Thursday I was in Hatfield, PA helping finish up our latest ETREK course at Biblical Seminary. The group spends time continuing to think about course content and get to know others better over lunch. We were discussing where to go to lunch when one of the students commented … Continue reading

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“Twenty-one!” … Happy Birthday Kimberly! …

Tired eyes. Hard floor. Deadlines. Exams. Twenty-one years ago in the midst of finals prior to graduation we experienced one of those joy filled interruptions. Kimberly joined our family twenty-one years ago today. Happy Birthday, Kimberly. … Continue reading

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On the road with friends … learning the order of the day …

Youth ministry today presents a bit of a riddle. Cultural shifts of significant proportions require thinking about transmitting the value of life and faith to youth a challenge. Mark Riddle draws together some thoughts garnered and questions created by a series of conference calls for the ETREK course, “Re-Imagining … Continue reading

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Living out conviction … adding clarity to those who misperceive …

Michael represents the very best of “confessional” writing. It is posts like this that make the critiques and badgering I read of iMonk to entirely miss the heart of a person. Thanks Michael for your gritty honesty.… Continue reading

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Avoiding “my way” as the “only way” …

I tire of the denominational thing. It is good to see some healthy dialogue taking place. If you are interested and inclined, you might click to read –

Marty on the Machine
Steve on the Medium for Change
And Paul attempting to marry the two in some way. (Should … Continue reading

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