Month: April 2006

Horne on Wright …

I would that we who read and study the Scriptures and read theology would be as graciously critical as my friend Mark. Too many want to summarily dismiss others out of hand for a breach. Read Mark’s treatment of Wright. Follow his link to Mohler’s comments and I … Continue reading

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Honesty at the end of the day … and the beginning of a new one …

Anonymity should be banned, especially in church. I wonder sometimes if people address God anonymously in prayers. You know something like,

” Hello God, “Anonymous” here. I really think you are not listening to me. If you would just ask I could help you out. Amen.”

Before you wonder … Continue reading

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Good Friday … Words in Tension … Living Word in tension …

Some gathered for a Maundy Thursday Silent Communion last evening at church. I could not help but think of the “good” darkness we celebrate this evening. “Good” and “darkness” lie in tension reflecting on the events of the previous night and current day in the life of Jesus.… Continue reading

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The Misconstrued Task of the Watchman … Reading the Text sans Presuppositions …

I read a blogger recently who suggested much of those considered “emerging” offered reading recommendations from the past 100 years and many much more recent. He suggested he would stick with those that have “stood the test of time.” Despite the fact many have looked to works prior to … Continue reading

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Quick post …

Spending some time with my daughter. Watch them grow up and you realize just how fast. Our youngest will graduate next summer and so Dad is taking in a few rounds of golf over the next few weeks. We used to sit in the stands and watch basketball. We … Continue reading

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