Month: January 2007

Coaches and Pastors … Everyone’s an Expert … (Updated)

I enjoy basketball. Playing takes a greater toll than it once used to. Saturday our team played and suffered a monstrous defeat. I confess to wondering when the day would come that I should only play pick-up games and leave the leagues to the flat bellies. After this past … Continue reading

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Another way of understanding Darfur …

Some find it difficult to grasp the situation in Darfur. Here is a way that may help communicate the gravity people face in this region of the Sudan.

Darfur is Dying

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The “Terrorizer” … Basketball made fun …

Danismall01Saturday we enjoyed watching Dani play basketball. Her nickname is, "The Terrorizer." She did a great job. Those who put this show on took steps to ensure the young people felt like they played in the Ford Center; complete with fog machines, spot lights and big screen introductions. What … Continue reading

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Connecting Justice and Jesus Following …

Oklahoman_1On January 14, 2007, The Oklahoman ran an op-ed piece by Rev. Glenn Cranfield. The Rev. Cranfield served as the director of the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City for nine years.  He noted the renaissance taking place in  downtown Oklahoma City. Glenn also noted how his understanding of … Continue reading

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