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ETREK Road Trip Comes to OKC Metro!

Registration Opens for – ETREK Road Trip in OKC Metro!

â??Ã?úLeaders are learnersâ??Ã?ù â??Ã?ì this is an ETREK maxim. ETREK
Collaborative Learning Journeys ( will host a â??Ã?úRoad Tripâ??Ã?ù around the subject of â??Ã?úspiritual habits/practices.â??Ã?ù Currently  ETREK partners with Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA to offer innovative educational opportunities. One of the goals of ETREK is to bring learning
opportunities â??Ã?úto you.â??Ã?ù We developed the Road Trip to include virtually the same features as our regular courses with the exception of travel to a seminary campus and the tuition associated with â??Ã?úcourses for credit.â??Ã?ù

The Road Trip Format

  • February 16-17 (optional, $40, separate registration) â??Ã?ì Renovare Conference at Crossing Community Church
  • February 19 â??Ã?ì April â??Ã?ì 5 to 6 Conference Calls
    with â??Ã?úpractitionersâ??Ã?ù and noted leaders in the area of spiritual formation/habits/practices.
  • April – Two-Day Spiritual Retreat

Conference Call Guests

  • Frederica Mathews-Green (Eastern Orthodox) – CONFIRMED
  • Karen Ward (Lutheran) – CONFIRMED
  • Phyllis Tickle (Episcopal) – CONFIRMED
  • Earl Creps (Assembly of God) – CONFIRMED
  • Dan Phillips (Southern Baptist) – CONFIRMED
  • Surprise Guest in March – CONFIRMED


Cost – $249  REDUCED! $199

ETREK underscores the relational element in learning. For those who are able to attend the Renovare Conference at Crossings CommunityChurch we will take the occasion to â??Ã?úmeetâ??Ã?ù for the first time as a group. (This is optional. The cost is an â??Ã?úadd onâ??Ã?ù taken care of directly through Crossings and Renovare by each individual). The teaching of Richard Foster and James Bryan Smith, and the worship leading
of George Skramstraad, comprise the Renovare Team for the event. Those who plan to attend the Renovareâ??Ã?ô Conference would meet during the lunch on Saturday, February 17.

From February 19 through the second week in April we will
engage in 5 to 6 90-minute conference calls with one of our guests. We will
attempt to schedule conference calls every other week. The intervening weeks
may be spent in peer calls and/or online message boards/interaction. Spencer
Burke, founder of and ETREK Collaborative Learning Journeys will
facilitate our calls.


In April we will share in a â??Ã?úSpiritual Retreatâ??Ã?ù at a Metro OKC â??Ã?úretreat center.â??Ã?ù The cost for the retreat center may be an additional expense to each participant.

For more information and registration, contact Todd Littleton: or

Apocalyptic Ice Storm …

We are in for the second day and it looks like we may be in for a third. Certainly the sleet, freezing rain and snow across our state has left a number without power, we have not experienced the apocalypse. We will thaw. If anyone knows much about weather in Oklahoma, then it should not be surprising we could predict a nice day of golf before the end of the month!

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The ice is coming … even without it we are slipping everywhere …

Slipperywhenwet_2Last evening Eddie asked if I had read Leonard Pittspiece in The Oklahoman. The day was too busy but I have had time this afternoon to take a look. Seems to me Pitts’ has found another way to point out the slippery slope fallacy. It reminds me of a conversation I overheard in October where two people were discussing what one may and may not do when talking about a particular subject. Language games played a central role in the conversation. One would object to the other by saying, "You cannot do that." To which the other would say, "I am doing that."

The consequence is not a no holds barred anarchy. Instead it appears to be a needed corrective to learn to trust people. I often wonder why we fear what is not yet a reality. I know the need to head off disaster but if disaster cannot be proved just how is it useful to exert the energy to head it off? I realize this line of thinking will break down eventually but have you ever wondered whether or no the issue is fear.

I visited a friend in the hospital earlier today. The surgery she endured yesterday removed a cancerous tumor in her colon. The "c" word strikes fear. After all she lost her husband to the same not long ago. Tests results await. News could be bad. But at present, a mental outlook that will help recovery is important. He, the Dr., suggested no need to worry about what we do not yet know. The intent is to trust. We who follow Jesus want to trust these we love to the good care of God. We also know the God in whom we live and move and have our being works in those who provide care and we need a good measure of trust in them. I cannot help but think that the thoughts of what might be could well be a slippery slope to despair. Research already indicates this in no way helps the patient.

One congressman swearing on the Koran does not a Muslim State make. In our denomination the slippery slope is run out more often than not. Step out too far, according to a given opinion, and soon you will be mired in whatever that opinion is fearful of.

Pitts’ uses the event as an illustration of intolerance. That may well work. For me, the issue points up the fallacy employed by those who either are either fearful and enjoy playing to others’ fears (fearmongers) or themselves fear a loss of power and so work the angles to ensure positions.

Seems like Rick Mitchell is right, the ice is coming sooner than later … be safe on those Okie roads.

Darfur … May Things Become Different …

I found this piece this morning hopeful for peace. I could not help but think of part of the reading from the Psalms for this past Sunday, the first Sunday after Epiphany.

“May the LORD give strength to his people!
May the LORD bless his people with peace!” (Psalm 29:11)

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