Month: March 2007

Daddys and Daugthers …

John Mayer gets Daddy-Daughter relationships. His song "Daughters" has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it played. Tommie reminded us prom is just more than a week away. Graduation draws ever closer.

I read Kathleen Parker’s op-ed piece in the Oklahoman on March 1 … Continue reading

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Jack Bauer and Political Theology …

250px24tvJerome Eric Copulsky, Assistant Professor and Director of Judaic Studies at Virginia Tech, submitted an article to "Sightings", published by the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School, titled, "King of Pain: The Political Theologies of "24."" At issue is the moral … Continue reading

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Those were the days …

Last evening local CBS affiliates aired, "Life Together Centennial Celebration." I have it recorded to watch this evening. We were downtown feeding the homeless in OKC. I received a reminder with the following ending paragraph,

Oklahoma Baptist history began when one Native American, two Caucasians and three

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Breath … could there be something to pausing before reacting? …

Parents of teenagers will readily identify with,

"But it really is a mood swing where things seem fine and calm, and then the next thing is someone’s crying or angry," she added. "And I think that’s why people have used the term ‘raging hormones.’"

A couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

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