Month: March 2007

You know you are old when …

Sunday afternoon my left ankle hurt.

Me: Patty my ankle sure does hurt.

Patty: What did you do?

Me: Nothing that I can recall. I have not played basketball in a couple of weeks so I know it is not from twisting it. I really cannot think of what … Continue reading

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God-forsaken places … the church? …

I expected something different next to the ocean. Traveling back to the U.S. from South Africa a few years ago we landed somewhere on the tip of western Africa. It may have been one of the islands. I do not recall the airline. We were given the privilege of … Continue reading

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Good for the Gander … Darfur and gender …

Old adages cannot possibly rise to the occasion when the inequities of gender become a matter of life and death. But the idea two women should be sentenced to death while the men involved go free only exacerbates the horrors already a reality in Darfur.

HT: AlanContinue reading

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24 … and counting …

We finally caught up to Jack Bauer. Since Thanksgiving of last year we made time to watch 5 seasons of 24. For those who may be counting, that is 120+ episodes! Two weeks ago we finally caught up to season 6.

Today Patty and I celebrate our 24th wedding … Continue reading

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