Month: August 2007

Friday Photo …Revisited


Two years ago we made our first trek to Creede, Colorado. Kimberly and Craig could not go. Tommie joined us for the trip. This year Patty and I take our first vacation just the two of us. Sounds like a song. We will venture down these streets a few … Continue reading

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Quiet around here …

Life is full of good intentions. I have a number for this little blog. Schedules seem to interfere. I will have some time to write and reflect while on vacation later in the week and over the weekend. There could be a flurry of posts to follow once refreshed … Continue reading

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Close to Home

She asked for prayer for her mother who expressed discouragement over the death of her sister. The issue lay in the number of her siblings left. At 82 she increasingly saw the reality of her own mortality.

Standing to officiate a funeral this past Wednesday, I could not help … Continue reading

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