Month: August 2007

Worthy Prayer

It’s not my brother or my sister but it’s me, O Lord: standing in the need of prayer. We are so warm in our own self-esteem that we freeze the folks around us. We get so high in our own estimation that we stand isolated on a mountain top

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Wright in the Bahamas … Soularize 2007

Soularize 2007


Soularize â?? a learning party â?? Oct. 25-27, 2007

Beyond Our Borders

Two Years in the Planning â?? Less Than 90 Days to Register

Host Spencer Burke has popped the creative cork off Soularize the original / catalytic emerging church gathering

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Keep your eyes on the children

In May I posted on the “Not for Sale Campaign.” Yesterday morning a brief AP story notes to be wary of adoptions in Guatemala. We know of a couple of children adopted from Guatemala who are blessings to their families and to our church. Despite these … Continue reading

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Remaining Diligent … Flip-Flop goes the Dictator

darfur.jpgKeeping an eye on children is a full-time job. Take your eyes off an exploring child and soon he will test the limits of the rope you give. On August 1 the AP ran the story, “U.N. seeks misery’s end in Darfur.” (The article may be found here under … Continue reading

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Saturday is for Links …

A friend told me about Evernote a couple of years ago. It is somewhat like Microsoft’s OneNote. During the week as I am reading along I may come across an article or post to which I want to return. I am going to add these links to “Saturday is … Continue reading

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