Month: August 2007

Friday Photo … Guest Photos


Today’s photos come from the creative eye of our youngest daughter. Last Sunday she and a friend took some great shots. The first photo I titled, “Pathetically Me” from the graffiti sprayed onto the wall. Below I titled this one “Looking Up.” Sometimes we take photos that are self-reflective. … Continue reading

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The Gospel Deconstructs the Church?

Running an errand this morning I began listening to a podcast featuring Scot Mcknight. Speaking to a group of small group leaders McKnight remarked the popular form of the Gospel we preach deconstructs the Church. He described the matter by saying our patterned description of a movement of God … Continue reading

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God as Goodness

I am out of the office most of today. There are a few posts rattling around in my head. Until I get them out, read these two posts by Ken Archer on, “God as Goodness.”

Try to be a Good Person, Isn̢??t that Good Enough? РPart I of Continue reading

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Shaped by what others may think … Out of balance

“Everyone around here looks at the people above them,” said Gary Kremen, . . .

Jason tipped me off to an article in The New York Times titled, “In Silicon Valley, Millionaires Who Don’t Feel Rich.” I could not get the quote above out of my head … Continue reading

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Saturday is for Links

  1. Daryl Dash on preaching someone else’s sermon – More On Sermon Plagiarism
  2. Packer on the Atonement – Penal Substitution Revisited
  3. iMonk gives props to new kids on the “collaborative blog block” – A New Mob on the Block
  4. Caught in the Middle on Prayer – Spiritual Discipline Tuesday –
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