Month: August 2007

Friday Photo … Guest Photos


Today’s photos come from the creative eye of our youngest daughter. Last Sunday she and a friend took some great shots. The first photo I titled, “Pathetically Me” from the graffiti sprayed onto the wall. Below I titled this one “Looking Up.” Sometimes we take photos that are self-reflective. Maybe you will meditate on these photos and find in them the creative gift of God. Thanks Tommie for letting Dad post these here.


The Gospel Deconstructs the Church?

Running an errand this morning I began listening to a podcast featuring Scot Mcknight. Speaking to a group of small group leaders McKnight remarked the popular form of the Gospel we preach deconstructs the Church. He described the matter by saying our patterned description of a movement of God exclusively for you and about you strips community from the Gospel – the Kingdom of God. Scot noted this may well be illustrated by Barna’s assertion more and more find the “Church irrelvant.” McKnight describes our culture inebriated on individualism. I am looking forward to listening to the rest of this podcast and encourage you to check it out.

Thinking about this statement during the day today I could not help but think of a couple of other pieces that seem to draw similar conclusions. Natalie reflects on a post by her late father. And, Maggi Dawn writes about Christianity and Church noting the need for community.

More and more I do see the effects of a truncated Gospel.

Shaped by what others may think … Out of balance

“Everyone around here looks at the people above them,” said Gary Kremen, . . .

Jason tipped me off to an article in The New York Times titled, “In Silicon Valley, Millionaires Who Don’t Feel Rich.” I could not get the quote above out of my head since reading the article last evening. Jason rightly notes the scarcity of sympathy for those whose plight is not about a larger net worth. Sympathy must be the wrong word. But to feel sorry for the poor folks who willingly note of those in their employ, “I don’t know how people live here on just a normal salary,” just does not make sense.

Then again, it does not make sense to vest others with the formation of our self-identity.

Saturday is for Links

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