Month: August 2007

Consuming Jesus Everything Must Change

I received a copy of Paul Metzger’s, Consuming Jesus, and Brian McLaren’s newest, Everything Must Change. I began reading them both. I thought of an interesting connection. If we take Jesus in rather than make of Jesus a consumer culture “everything must change.”

From Consuming Jesus,

I give thanks to the triune God, who has spread before us a banqueting table where we consume Christ, who also consumes us and give us the sustenance and strength to do battle with consumerism in the church and beyond. (p.vii)

All forms of disunity in the church can be traced, in the end, to an absence of practical love, an absence that hinders our outreach to the world. (p.4)

From Everything Must Change,

The couple hundred thousand people who have read my previous books seem to find in them some hope and resonance with things they’ve already been thinking and feeling, including a suspicion that the religious status quo is broken and a desire to translate their faith into a way of life that makes a positive difference in the world. They share my belief that the versions of Christianity we inherited are largely flattened, watered down, tamed . . . offering us a ticket to heaven after death, but not challenging us to address the issues that threaten life on earth. (p.3)

Friday Photo


Taken with the Samsung Blackjack on an enjoyable Friday afternoon.

Think. Laugh. Weep. Worship.

I enjoy reading. There was a day I needed to read in order to ratify my convictions and attending presuppositions. Those days have long since passed. I like diversity. My blogroll provides an illustration. I should also note many in my blogroll share my convictions and position. The discerning reader will have to make his or her determinations. Should any reader have a question about a particular subject or issue, I would be happy to entertain an e-mail exchange. You may use the contact form to do so.

Yesterday the SBC Outpost offered Emily Hunter McGowin to write a guest piece. She did not disappoint. In typical Outpost fashion it stirred quite the conversation. After reading her post I added her to my blogroll. Thoughtful. Articulate. Charitable. Honest. You, dear reader, should take some time with her writing. She offered a “Prayer for the Christian Scholar” on her own blog – Think, Laugh, Weep, Worship. – yesterday. I reproduce it here in hopes you will see the value of reading her blog.

Prayer for the Christian Scholar
Rescue me, Jesus.
Rescue me from the insatiable need to be right.
…from the anger, bitterness, frustration, harshness, and sarcasm that arise from the compulsion to be right.
…from blocked ears, a closed mind, and a cold heart.
…from a spirit that is slow to listen, quick to speak, and quick to become enraged.
…from hatred, resentment, and loathing of my critics.
…from the spirit of superiority that seeks to dominate and control those with whom I disagree.
…from self-righteousness, self-centeredness, self-aggrandizement, and self-worship.
…from jumping to conclusions and leaping to condemnations.
…from intellectual snobbery, denominational arrogance, and spiritual conceit.
Rescue me, Jesus.
Rescue me from me. (Emily Hunter McGowin)