Month: October 2007

Treat to Retreat

soularize-2007_026.JPGFinishing up a week of vacation with a impromptu retreat. If Noel does not flare up too soon, I will be home on schedule – soon.… Continue reading

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Crashing Waves

soularize-07-day-1_002.JPGWe are staying right on the ocean. This morning the waves crashed against the shoreline. The rugged coast gave evidence of the repeated lashing of the waves. The force of Living Water against the boundaries we make for our own lives creates the distinctive work of the Spirit. There … Continue reading

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One of the features of Soularize is the sharing of stories; stories of the Spirit of God. We toured the location for Soularize to get a feel for the church community with which we would share the next few days. Along the road adjacent to the church rests an … Continue reading

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If you can’t change the weather … change your location

Sunday evening the wind began to howl out of the north. Prognosticators ensured viewers will consider them worth listening to another day. It is that time of the year. We will look for frost on the pumpkin soon. Most of the time we simply add layers and enjoy whatever … Continue reading

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Singing in the Park


Sunday afternoon Tommie and Matt provided entertainment for a benefit. Organizers offered giveaways, a silent auction and music to raise money for a free medical clinic in Oklahoma City. Short notice did not keep Tommie and Matt from offering their own renditions of some popular tunes. They ended with … Continue reading

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