Month: October 2007

On the Road

One of the places I enjoy traveling to his Hatfield, PA. Just outside of Philadelphia this little “burg” serves as the home of Biblical Theological Seminary. ETREK is hosting a course with Sally Morgenthaler on leadership – “Beyond Power – Leadership in a Flattened World.” It will be good to visit with Biblical President Dave Dunbar and Vice-Presidents, Sherry Kull and Pam Smith. I hope to see Todd Mangum and John Franke, at least to say, “Hello.”

My church planting friends David Phillips and Todd Hiestand may also make appearances.

Remembering Francis

An article on Francis of Assissi in the Celtic Daily Prayer notes,

The painted crucifix in the derelict church of San Damiano seemed to say to him, ‘Build My Church, which, as you see, is in ruins.’ He began to rebuild the chapel, stone by stone. but the word he had received there also spoke prophetically about a renewal and rebuilding of the larger Church of his day – a rebuilding through a simple loyalty and obedience to Christ and a rejection of all the Church’s clutter, corruption and compromise. (p.116)

Certainly we could hear the same call today.

[Update: My friend Terry offers a more detailed post remembering Francis of Assissi]

iMonk Offers an Apology worth “Getting”

For sometime I have read Michael Spencer. We have traded e-mails on a couple of occasions. Today he offers an apology that should not be missed. If the following quote won’t get you over to read the entire piece you should check your grasp of the oxymoronic.

This official apology is brought to you by Lifeway Christian Resources, Bookseller of the Southern Baptist Convention and its high view of scripture, and glad promoter of the book 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper, a description of one manâ??s 90 minutes at the gates of heaven and all he learned there about life after death. (A good bit of information here at Piperâ??s FAQ.)