Month: November 2007

Petition and Conserve

Over the last few years we experienced drought conditions. Ponds dried up. Crops longed for water. We prayed. We hoped. This year we have set records in Oklahoma for rain. The Raleigh News & Observer carried an article on a move by several churches in North Carolina to not just call for prayer but also the need to conserve water.

Many issues we face today demand action. We are good at calling on people to pray. We must do better calling people to action.

(HT: The Daily Oklahoman)

Consumers Make Friday Black for More Than Retailers

The fliers came in the paper yesterday offering the endless possibilities for any and all to help retailers improve their bottom line. In today’s paper an AP article noted how we consumers will also help plumbers to profits. From the article,

Clogged drains from plenty of grease are a problem as soon as holiday season starts, but the day after Thanksgiving is one of the plumber’s busiest. (a copy of the article is here)

This is not a call to avoid meals on Thanksgiving. And, certainly a little common sense when it comes to grease down drains could lower the post-Thanksgiving profits for plumbers. I simply found it interesting that on a day we often become gluttons our refuse may cause costly back-ups in our plumbing.

Maybe we could play out the implications of over-eating on our own human pipes (arteries) and other organs. If we suggest not putting grease down our drains to be common sense, then could we not note medical information calling us to a less sedentary lifestyle and more healthy eating habits may keep our pipes clean to be common sense too?

In the end, this short piece left me considering all the implications of a “Black Friday.”

Your thoughts?

Friday Photo

Things turned cold here in Oklahoma Tuesday evening this week. I could not help but throw up a pic from our Labor Day trip to Creede, CO. These Aspens caught our attention as we came down from Love Lake.