Month: November 2007

Friday Photo



A couple of picks from Nassau. Soularize offered an opportunity to be refreshed. We also shared a number of conversations about the future of the Church.… Continue reading

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Facing Jesus

I recently read John (Jack) D. Caputo’s, Philosophy and Theology. It lead me to order his new book, What Would Jesus Deconstruct? Too many fail to grasp the benefit of deconstruction. The fear of reduction to the absurd leading to a nihilism is an adventure in missing the … Continue reading

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My New Friend Jim Palmer

jimpalmer.jpgMark Scandrette, poet, pastor, catalyst, and friend , coined a phrase this past week – “My new friend Jim Palmer.” We spent the week as “condo” mates while working at Soularize in Nassau, Bahamas. One of our “condo” mates was Jim Palmer.

On Wednesday as we were … Continue reading

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