Year: 2007

Friday Photo … Guest Photos




Tommie took these while we were without power staying with my folks.… Continue reading

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Under the knife [UPDATE]

I have some more thoughts to post but will be out for a bit. Minor surgery early this afternoon. Should be back in commission later today. Blessings to you.

Dr. McNeely excised a lipoma in the right center of my neck. A bit sore but doing quite well.… Continue reading

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Mourning … Moleskine

A number of years ago I became intrigued by Vincent Van Gogh. Maybe it was a reference in Len Sweet’s Soul Salsa to a painting of the Church at Auvers. Could have been coming across some of Vincent’s letters to his brother Theo. May be it was reading … Continue reading

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Listening and relational learning

One of our favorite, and honest, phrases parenting our girls was, “There are two sides to every story.” Occasionally this was construed as either, ‘You don’t believe me,” or, “How come you won’t assume my position.” These interactions came during conversational moments where in relationship with our girls we … Continue reading

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“With My Money I Have a Voice.”

â??No one will ever listen to me.â? â??My vote does not matter.â? Considering the political season and the decision to vote for President of the United States left me wondering what effect our vote, more specifically â??myâ? vote, will have. It stands to reason many people think this way … Continue reading

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