Year: 2007

Peace – An Advent Reflection

Oh for the day when peace will come to young girls like the one who wrote to “Dear Abby” published in today’s Daily Oklahoman. Seems as though some “jocks” do not get enough gratification out of their favorite sports, they must make sport of picking on a young 13 … Continue reading

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Genocide takes many forms … some kill long before death

We still get questions about Darfur. Recently I wore my “Darfur” T-shirt out and received quite an interesting response. Once the significance for wearing such a shirt was explained the response was, “I did not know anything about that.” Our local paper, The Daily Oklahoman, carried a piece by … Continue reading

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“It is easier to believe in the Resurrection.”

In my previous post I mentioned an appointment with the doctor. Nothing serious.

The nurse had asked if I exercised. She was looking for some reason for a low pulse and good blood pressure. I noted I did try to work out regularly and enjoyed playing basketball. She told … Continue reading

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“I am going whether anyone else goes or not!”

img_1208.JPGMonday the meteorological prognosticators noted yesterday would be a December day to remember. Larry called and said, “I am going to play golf tomorrow whether anyone else goes or not!” I told him I had a doctor’s appointment and could get loose in the afternoon.

Larry, a retired pilot, … Continue reading

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Childhood Games, The Church and the Kingdom of God

My new friend Jim Palmer has a chapter in his new book, Wide Open Spaces, titled, “Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple …” Wow what memories that title drew forward. Maybe you recall hands clasped saying that little diddy while moving your hands correspondingly,

Here is the

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