Year: 2007

Connecting Justice and Jesus Following …

Oklahoman_1On January 14, 2007, The Oklahoman ran an op-ed piece by Rev. Glenn Cranfield. The Rev. Cranfield served as the director of the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City for nine years.  He noted the renaissance taking place in  downtown Oklahoma City. Glenn also noted how his understanding of … Continue reading

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The “Season of unfortunate remarks” continues …

Last week (Wednesday, January 17,2007) The Oklahoman carried this op-ed piece by Dan Thomasson. The opening paragraph, as well it should, caught my attention immediately,

This is the season of unfortunate remarks, and the remarks are likely to get worse as the bickering over Iraq policy accelerates. How

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Subverting the Empire … Living Counter-Intuitive Values …

OklahomanAccording to an AP article on the front page of The Oklahoman young people grow more materialistic. Seems since 1966 incoming college freshmen consider financial prosperity very important. Pew Research Center indicated 80 percent of 18-to 25-year-olds ranked getting rich as their top priority.

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