Year: 2007

Darfur … May Things Become Different …

I found this piece this morning hopeful for peace. I could not help but think of part of the reading from the Psalms for this past Sunday, the first Sunday after Epiphany.

“May the LORD give strength to his people!
May the LORD bless his people with peace!”

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Death Becomes Us … Creps Off-Road … pt1

ItwascleanA couple of years ago Patty, Tommie and me took a trip to Colorado. Barb graciously offered us a place to stay and it was very good for us. We rented a jeep for a day and went "off-road." The pretty white jeep looked well worn and muddy after … Continue reading

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Down time …

The blog has been silent with the exception of my two posts on our Road Trip dated closer to the trip than later. I have a couple of posts I am working on and hope to have the time to get them up soon.… Continue reading

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