Year: 2008

Catching Up Reporting Some Links of Note, To Me

Here are some of the links I have been holding. Initially I thought I would interact with them in individual blog posts. Time got away and I still think they are good.

Daryl on Attractional

Daryl weighs in on the Kimball, Kinnon, Fitch, Keller missional smackdown

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Gaining a Son

My Dad took me aside late on Christmas Day and told me when he and my Mom had we three boys he knew one day he would “get” three girls. He did. On Christmas Day we learned we would “get” our second “boy.”… Continue reading

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Does Anyone Get the Last Word? The Last Word and the Word After That

ooze200 Growing up with two brothers we were often more concerned with “who got the last say” than anything else. You know, incessant sniping until Dad or Mom gave the final threat. The Bill Cospy-esque kind of threat, “I brought you into this world, I can take you out,” garden … Continue reading

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More than just and Advent Reflection

Quite a bit to be done around here. I plan to tweak the blog and adjust the content. Who knows when that will go live. In the mean time, consider hopping over to listen in on the Nick and Josh (Nick and Josh Website)  podcast featuring Peter Continue reading

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