Month: August 2008

On the Road …

Blogging will take a backseat to a few days in Colorado. Mountains for the keyboard – yes. But, should I find a little wi-fi, I may look in to see what is going on the RNC and compare it to the DNC. Then again …

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Rock, Paper, Scissors – Thoughts on Sectarian Theology

Now let’s see, paper covers rock, scissors cut paper and rock smashes scissors. We recently watched the Big Brother’s version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” I know, I know. Reality TV is not really real. Watching the interpersonal relationships is quite intriguing – especially when you throw in a half … Continue reading

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Cover Crops – Aiding Others

World Neighbors continues to offer help to farmers affected by a variety of debilitating circumstances. On occasion World Neighbors helps with education for those looking for ways to foster subsistence farming. Others help in developing countries learn means of sustainable living in given climate conditions. In their recent e-newsletterContinue reading

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The Blue Parakeet – McKnight on the Scripture

My friend David Phillips alerted me to the opportunity to receive Scot McKnight‘s new book for blog review. I have many in the hopper to review. For example, I just received Ian Mobsby‘s new The Becoming of G-d. After listening to a podcast interview with Mobsby, … Continue reading

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Not What You Expect from Someone Without a Home

I could not help but think of a conversation with a young African-American man more than twenty years ago. Standing on a busy downtown Dallas street we chatted about the circumstances that led the gentleman to living on the street. He spoke of a good job, family and a … Continue reading

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