Month: August 2008

Start with the End

This is a bit of a different version of Wilcox’s song from what I have on CD. But, I was thinking about what it means if we work from eschatology backwards. If we understand resurrection and its implications and then work back into the present it seems we might find ourselves in a better place to present the mission of God both to the church in our conversations and in to the world in our actions.

Self Thought – Thoughts from The Edge

In this week’s edition of Thoughts from The Edge, Todd offers thoughts on Romans 12:1-8 connecting Bonhoeffer’s Life Together, Ben Lee’s “ target=”_blank”>We Are All In This Together”, and Facebook’s “Friend Wheel.”

Gift Giving

“Put yourself under the influence of Jesus, so that he may think his thoughts in your mind, do his work through your hands, for you will be all-powerful with him to strengthen you.”

from A Gift for God by Mother Teresa (quoted from A Guide to Prayer for Minsters and Other Servants)

Driscoll on “Harsh Language”

I found this video while working through Matthew 15 and Jesus’ confounding words to a Canaanite woman. Making an appeal for her daughter. Oddly Jesus does not offer the same kind of biting retort to the Centurion in Matthew 8. I tend to think Jesus’ words sarcastically represent the sentiment of the religious leaders and how they fail to help those in need by sticking so tightly to their perception God’s grace and mercy is only available to them. Mark offers some sobering thoughts on how we domesticate the Scriptures, taming any “offense” out of them.

Jesus In the Margins – Book Review

I have a penchant for the “edges.” Rick McKinley looks to the margins. Our culture too quickly marginalizes people. Feelings of neglect, depression, inadequacy, and hopelessness strut their stuff in the lives of those living in the margins.

In his book, Jesus in the Margins, McKinley offers a number of “stories” from the margins of life. It reads like a laundry list of those I have had conversations with over the years – and likely you too. What’s more people we find in the margins generally feel the church, Christianity, and religion speak but not to them. Since the margin was his home, Rick is fit for the task of calling to those in the margins offering hope.

This is no sappy story. Instead, it is one that recognizes the loss people may feel and offers hope in Jesus. Simply and with great care, Rick describes the experience with the risen Jesus for those left out, kicked out, pushed down and tossed aside.

Just today, one of our Bible Study teachers came looking for a resource to help paint both a picture of the need in the margins as well as hope we may bring them. Buy a copy. Pass on to friends both in need of finding hope in the margins and marginalizations of life as well as those who need to glimpse a way of offering hope.