Month: August 2008

The Last Resort – The Eagles

Larry recently asked if I had heard this song. I bought it off of iTunes and have listened to it quite a few times. Thanks Larry for the recommendation. What are your thoughts about the lyrics?

Feed Difficulties

If you subscribe to The Edge of the Inside, you may want to reconfigure your subscription in your blog reader of choice. My friend David Phillips alerted me to the fact my “atom” feed is corrupted. You may subscribe to the “rss” feed at Aplogies for the gremlin in the code. I know not what to do about it.

iMonk Hated by Suburban Jesus!

Uber blogger Michael Spencer, a.k.a. internetmonk, regularly sets a standard for thoughtful posts. He has done it again. Tellingly he relays the story of a young lady whose parents encourage her to give up her commitment to follow Jesus out of the States. The nexus of their concern is her security, safety and future. Planted in the middle of the post iMonk writes,

I’m not in anyone’s face over this, but I don’t get Jesus AND the American Dream. Some people do. Great. I don’t.

You must read the entire piece to find the truly prophetic in these words. Go there now, read not another word on this site. Then come back and give me your thoughts about life and faith in our community.