Month: August 2008

Worship Concluded … The working out of what has been done.

A couple years ago I happened on GEEZ magazine; I believe the maiden voyage issue. Some friends told me those who put it together had some connection to AdBusters. Since the first issue I have been hooked. The most recent edition of GEEZ offers “30 Sermons You’d Never Hear In Church.” I was considering not renewing my subscription as I often feel overwhelmed by the reading regimen I keep. When I turned to the first sermon I immediately changed my mind. I will be renewing. Read More

Friday Photo … The Return Trip

Last week I had a meeting in Philadelphia. The trip out was quite eventful. Storms kept us at bay for quite sometime. Scheduled to land at 6 p.m. in Philly, we finally landed after midnight. The trip home was much less eventful.