Month: September 2008

Coming Book Reviews

Several upcoming book reviews –

Coffehouse Theology – Blog Tour Date – October 27 with Ed C

The Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen

The Fidelity of Betrayal – Peter Rollins

The Blue Parakeet – Scot McKnight

and several others … stay tuned …

Who Is On the Watchtower?

There must be some way outta here said the Joker to the thief … could be said in Washington?

Bailing on the Bailout

David has an interesting post up about the recently defeated “Bailout Bill.” There are some interesting takes. Charlie gave me a copy of a Time article which basically asserted that the Gordon Gecko comment was/has been the Wall Street philosophy. When it comes home to roost it is another matter. I am left wondering what is lost if we get back to real values? I really like the logic that suggests we need to pay the CEO’s large sums in these bailout moves because we need these sharp people. That’s right, we need to reward those leading companies making bad decisions leading us to this crisis. I sure could not get by on that kind of thinking. Sure hope we avoid that one. As a potential share holder in those companies to be bailed out under any new bill, I want to vote. I will not give my proxy to Congress.

Blog Lite

A number of things have worked against more substantive posts this week –

Finishing up a paper on Peter Rollins theological proposal in How (Not) to Speak of God

Reading for a friend’s Doctor of Ministry Project

Reading and study for Sunday, particularly from Snodgrass’s Stories with Intent

I have a number of articles to write for a friend along with several books to review. I plan to get to these very soon.

Financial Crisis to be Averted!

Breaking news – My friend Jordon Cooper has suspended all twittering and blogging so he can leave Saskatoon for Washington to focus on the financial crisis.