Month: September 2008

Yellow – My Favorite Color – Coldplay

Sometimes a love song while thinking of your wife is a good way to begin Monday. And, it does not hurt my favorite color is yellow.
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The Loss of Truth Affects Us All

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers a solid reflection on the toll political sniping takes on truth. It seems anyone may now purport to be another person, write a scandalous piece and mis-represent the truth. When that hit Pitss he wrote,

The brazenness of it struck me. That, and a

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Compared to What? – Thoughts from The Edge

In this week’s edition of Thoughts from the Edge, I offer some thoughts on a recent rant by Michael Spencer, a.k.a. internetmonk. You can read the post here. I find a place to tie in a reflection on the Gospel text for this coming Sunday found in … Continue reading

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Stetzer on the Recent “Church Basement Roadshow”

How to have a conversation? One of my personal complaints is the tone and tenor when it comes to those in the Church having a conversation where opinions differ. While the context is certainly different, I am reminded of Romans 14 where opinions are to be held with the … Continue reading

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Tony’s Rollinseque Turn on Relgion Beyond Religion

Call me obsessed. But, reading Tony’s post this morning gave a great illustration of a very good Peter Rollins phrase. Too many times there are more illustrations of religion beyond religion than religion connecting people with God. What do you think?… Continue reading

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