Month: September 2008

Counter to Current Church Culture Trends

My friend, Ernest, over at Missions Misunderstood weighs in on the new trend toward “multi-site” churches. I found his missiological perspective to represent a “counter-cultural” move with regard to church culture.

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Worshipping Our Interpretations or Worshipful Responses

I continue to work through Peter Rollins‘ theological proposals for the final paper of the Fitch/Holsclaw course about which I have written. The following quote connected with a conversation I had with Chris Seay this past weekend,

The difference between the idea that our Christian traditions describe God

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The Problem with Labels … Sometimes they don’t fit

If you have read here long, you know I enjoy reading Leonard Pitts Jr. I first read Leonard as his column finds its way into our local metro paper. For some time I have bemoaned the pejorative use of labels. One of my friends finds them helpful. But, … Continue reading

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Coffehouse Theology … Look for it

My friend Ed Cyzewski’s new book, Coffeehouse Theology, has been released. A review copy is in the mail and I look forward to reading it. I will be part of the “blog tour” for Ed’s book. Keep watching for the date.… Continue reading

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Nouwen’s Prayer … May be good for the hubris in us all …

“O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner. I am impressed by my own spiritual insights. I probably know more about prayer, meditation, and contemplation than most Christians do. I have read many books about the Christian life, and have even written

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