Month: September 2008

Formation through serving … Greater Things to Be Done

Theological reflection proved to be one of the significant formative exercises during my time in seminary. Professors pressed students to “think theologically.” Case studies presented during a Christian Ministry course exposed us to the complexities of pastoral ministry. After reading the conversation between a chaplain and a terminal patient we were asked to write a “theological reflection” paper exploring the themes present in the conversation.

These written exercises combined with hospital visits and conversations with my mentor Dr. Davis illustrate how we are often formed after serving. In other words, thinking about “what we just experienced” forces us to connect our thinking about God and life in intense ways.

One year ago our church, Snow Hill, made a shift in thinking and practice. Spurred by the transforming experience of feeding people living on the streets in OKC and attempting to answer the question “In what way have we impacted our community with the Kingdom of God?”, we set aside the kind of thinking that suggests when the Christians meet at church is is “for us.” The practical aspect meant changing the structure of one of our meeting times. Read More

Benched – Spurring the Imagination

Joe Thorn tipped me off to this video. Surely it could spur your imagination in your own community. â??And through you all the people of the world will be blessed.â?.swf?clip_id=1666004&” />.swf?clip_id=1666004&”>

Owing Love – Thoughts from The Edge

In this episode Todd reflects on three of the Lectionary texts for this coming Sunday in light of his recent reading of Peter Rollins’, The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief.

Back from Vacation – I Like to Think I’m On Vacation

We enjoyed a great few days taking in the fresh mountain air near the Rio Grande National Forrest. I kept thinking about a line from The Eagles new CD, Out of Eden. The track titled The Last Good Time in Town holds the following line in a couple of different versions,

I like to think I’m on vacation ’cause I like the way it sounds

Here is the song. And, if you can keep from dancing to the sound, then you are better than me!

Palin, Women and Evangelicals

My recent reading in connection with David Fitch‘s and Geoff Holsclaw‘s course, “Readings in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology,” have taken me to reading Irigaray and Kristeva by way of Rebecca Chopp. Since McCain announced his choice of a VP running mate in Sarah Palin, I have thought about just how French Feminist theory and American Feminist theology would intersect this current religio-political event. I am still thinking about it. In the mean time you may want to take a look at Emily Hunter McGowin‘s recent posts (part 1 and part 2) on the subject. Always thoughtful and provocative, you will find much to interact with while I consider my own response.