Month: October 2008

Nouwen on Forgiveness

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. When we forgive a

person, the memory of the wound might stay with us for a

long time, even throughout our lives. Sometimes we carry the

memory in our bodies as a visible sign. But forgiveness

changes the way we remember. It converts the curse into a

blessing. When we forgive our parents for their divorce, our

children for their lack of attention, our friends for their

unfaithfulness in crisis, our doctors for their ill advice,

we no longer have to experience ourselves as the victims of

events we had no control over.

Forgiveness allows us to claim our own power and not let
these events destroy us; it enables them to become events
that deepen the wisdom of our hearts. Forgiveness indeed
heals memories

(HT: Prodigal Kiwi)

What Would Judas Do? … The Fidelity of Betrayal

“Jesus Junk”is a euphemism for marketing crass Christian trinkets, dolls, t-shirts and items. One often wonders just what Jesus would think of this kind of stuff. It may be the idea of selling Jesus stuff is a betrayal of the message of Jesus; even more the person and character of Jesus.

The WWJD craze swept and in some ways still sweeps the Christian subculture. the interpretation of Charles Shelden’s In His Steps posed an ethical challenge to all who would consider the call of Jesus, “Follow me.” Jack Caputo takes Shelden’s work and offers the reader a way to understand a hermeneutic of deconstruction in his little book, What Would Jesus Deconstruct?

In similar fashion, Peter Rollins works WWJD into his theological proposal that flows from the Scriptures, postmodern theory, postmodern philosophy and hints of Barth’s dialectic. (Maybe more than hints.) Only for Rollins the question is, “What Would Judas Do?” Read More

When Your Book Goes Wrong … Life of the Beloved

Often I have thought of writing a book. I have a friend who owns a publishing company who prods me from time to time. Part of me longs for the time to give to writing. Other parts of me fear the outcome. After all, once your book is out there is is open to (mis)understanding.

You know, as a parent you invest in your child. For good or bad you help shape character and influence decisions. One day those children will step out of your shadow and make their own choices. People scrutinize these choices and look at the tree from which the apples have fallen. Judgments follow.

Reading the last chapter of Henri Nouwen’s Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World, left me feeling as though Henir got this same sense not from children but from his books. Read More

Round the Room Conversations – McLaren, Franke, McKnight, Guder and Keel

What would you like to ask? Shapevine co-founder Lance Ford proved a great interviewer for an “Around the Room Roundtable” recently at Biblical Theological Seminary. On campus for the Missional Christianity … Church Beyond Borders Conference at Biblical, Brian McLaren, John Franke, Scot McKnight, Darrell Guder, and Tim Keel fielded questions on subjects related to the church and the missional turn. John Franke selected the speakers for the conference for their diverse theological perspectives. Mainline (Guder), Evangelical (McKnight), and Emergent (McLaren and Keel) voices made for a great interview and conversations. Read More