Month: October 2008

Mom and Pop Churches … Musings of a Practical Missiologist

Ernest Goodman is at it again. He began a series on Mom and Pop Churches and has one more to go in the series. Ernest, for me, is a practical missiologist – he has experience beyond the borders of the United States.

Recently I read a few posts from … Continue reading

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Missing Jesus in a Heap of Trivialities

I recall reading Dallas Willard suggesting we have lost Jesus in a heap of trivialities. While we worry about what we might lose in an economic recession, government bailouts, and the election of one of the proffered candidates, we miss those Jesus loves most.

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Love Trumps Submission … McKnight at BTS

My brother Trent is a Cubs fan. He and Scot McKnight would enjoy conversations over the “Cubbies.” No doubt they both held out hope there would be no October meltdown. But, like the stock market decline, the Cubs crashed and burned.

It was quite fun to listen to Scot, … Continue reading

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Courage … Missional Leadership … Biblical Theological Seminary

There is an interesting conversation in Exodus 32. I have read the story over and again. The familiar story of Aaron “the artisan idol maker” offers some funny elements. For example, in the first part of the story the narrator tells us Aaron crafted a golden calf from the … Continue reading

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The Bible is the Book for the Church

This past Friday I enjoyed the “Missional Christianity … Church Beyond Boundaries” at Biblical Theological Seminary. Shapevine will offer a DVD of the conference soon. Scot McKnight, Darrell Guder, Tim Keel and Brian McLaren offer thoughts on the subject. The DVD will be worth your money … Continue reading

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