Month: October 2008

Friday Photo

Yesterday David showed me around Delaware. We hit the beach and boardwalk. Dolles is a salt water taffy place on the beach. Loved the sign.… Continue reading

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Where do you stand?

Tuesday I read a poem by the late Samuel Moor Shoemaker. It was part of my morning devotional reading. The words stirred me. The song writer wrote about being a door keeper in the house of the Lord. Shoemaker wrote about a place by the door for those coming … Continue reading

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Difference is an Artist’s Game

The call came some years ago. Something suspicious left a young mother and her husband on edge. Doctors confirmed Sami would be different. In the life of our church, Sami “takes us apart.” That is, Sami reminds us of what the producer of this video conveys. We love Sami. … Continue reading

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Quick Post

Last week I missed my podcast for the second week in a row. Blogging and podcasting sometimes run afoul of the ebb and flow of life. Too many look at these activities as something to schedule. I have to look at them in more of a rhythm. I spent … Continue reading

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Going Beyond the Normal

Once you consider how to get beyond conventional thinking no subject seems to be off limits. Much of the reading from my foray into “Readings in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology” has left me thinking. I know I am on the precipice and the slope looks slippery.

What I mean … Continue reading

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