Month: November 2008

Reason to Re-Think Consumerism

We have been suggesting people re-consider Black Friday and the whole consumeristic atmosphere around Christmas. Touting the Advent Conspiracy, Heifer International among other options we want to subvert this kind of tragedy.

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Pitts on “Why Believe in God?”

You could say I pound the table for Leonard Pitts, Jr. It is not that I always agree with him. But, it is that he is always thoughtful. Leonard offers these thoughts in a recent column,

”Well, not you per se,” I admitted. ‘It’s about this atheist group,

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The Jesus Way … The Ordinary Radicals …

I recall a participating in a conversation where Len Sweet described the need to take risks. He noted that Jesus was not risk averse. The illustration he used concerned our oft used idiom as someone heads for any destination – “Be careful.”

The phrase conjured images of “don’t take … Continue reading

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Lost In Thought – Jon Hopkins

Some days you just get lost in your thoughts. This may be the video for you. I am really enjoying Jon Hopkins lately.Continue reading

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Thoughts from the Edge – Getting the Question Right

The question is not “Who is my neighbor or who is the the least of these?” What is the question?… Continue reading

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