Month: November 2008

Pardon the Interruption – Rob Bell Alert

Provocative book titles quickly get my attention. When Nathan told me about Rob Bell and Don Golden’s new book the title grabbed me quickly – Jesus Wants to Save Christians.

Growing up in a conservative evangelical denomination, a group that would eschew the connection to “evangelical” back in … Continue reading

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Hungry in America – Perish the Thought!

An article released by the AP was published in The Oklahoman today under the title, “Hunger rising among children.” Had it not been in the “Nation” section I would have immediately thought of the vast hunger problem in developing nations. But, this piece points up the growing number of … Continue reading

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Jon Hopkins – Cold Out There

Jon Hopkins played before Coldplay last night. I could not help thinking of one of the worship experiences at the Soularize event in Minneapolis years ago. Then, a year or two later we caught the same at a conference in San Diego. Some suggest the genre is “New Age.” … Continue reading

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(De)Human Traffic – Are you watching?

Jonathan and Kari tell a story we should work against. Most often our problem is we are not alert to what is nearer than we know. Consumed with our own little worlds we miss the inhumane worlds of others. Consider,

French police estimate that 90% of the 15,000

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A Few Days in Wylie

One year ago Trent, Sandra and their two girls moved to Wylie, Texas from Waterloo, Iowa. The difference in driving is significant. I remember when Trent was contemplating the transfer to Dallas. He called and asked, “If we move to Dallas will you come see us?” It was tongue … Continue reading

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