Year: 2009

Sometimes Things Are Hard to Say – Avett Brothers

Words often do not come easy. Not just the three the Avett Brothers sing about. Too often we miss occasions to say what is important. Many reasons fill our minds. Then on occasion they are filled with regret.

Sometimes I wonder how hard it has become for the Church … Continue reading

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Friday Phto – on Saturday

Everyone has a different name for their grandmother. Our is “Nanny.” To her grandchildren it is “GG.” She celebrated her 95th Christmas (94 yrs old). We consider it a privilege to still be celebrating with her.

One of our family traditions is drawing names for ornaments. We then purchase … Continue reading

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Pastoral Writing as “Public” – Part 1

31fL+EHI-rL._SL160_“I don’t blog and I don’t read blogs.” A friend of mine retorted a couple of years ago. It was a badge of superiority he wore. He still believed only those who wrote their thoughts in public were either narcissistic or hidden away in their parents basement donned in … Continue reading

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Kinnon’s Interest in Sociopaths Unearthed in Archives

Just when Christian leaders with sociopathic leadership traits thought it was safe to come out, Kinnon fires up the archives. Recently Bill Kinnon admitted to suffering a lapse into cynicism. That is, thinking leaders had progressed to the place where leveraging a position of power was a … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on Reading the Scriptures

Since I was a child growing up in a Southern Baptist Church we talked about reading the Bible. I recall being challenged to read the Bible through in a year. Those first couple of times found me mired down in the book of Numbers. Finally I pushed through. Today … Continue reading

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