Month: February 2009

Politics of Fear?

You cannot keep up with the speculation as to where the economy in the Unites States is headed. Either we are going to see the rebound nearly eveyrone hopes for or we will sink ever deeper into the maliase we currently face. Mark offers regular short posts on a … Continue reading

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Moral Authority and Our Narrative (Story)

paseotrinityWe love stories. Good stories. Personal stories. My friend and mentor, Rick Davis, is writing a series on “Moral Courage.” He writes weaving a number of narratives. Using American history, family story, and vocational experience.

The last paragraph in his fifth post in the series should spur you to … Continue reading

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Reversing Trends … “You give the groceries away church!”

This morning I read Ed Stetzer’s recent post. How any pastor would not pop over to read what someone else thought to be the greatest sin in “our” church would puzzle me. Way to drive traffic to the site Ed! (He types knowing that to mention Ed StetzerContinue reading

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I Am the Only One Here … Not Really

Conversations may be healthy life giving experiences with others. On occasion they can result in frantic frustration. I just spent a bit of time on the phone with a friend. We talked philosophy and theology. Occasionally we both needed to clarify exactly what we meant by this word or … Continue reading

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