Month: February 2009

Roller Derby

Growing up we watched roller derby on television. Recently we ventured down to the Farmer’s Market for a flat track version. It was quite entertaining. Patty took this video with her phone.

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Running with the Body – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes, in fact often, we think ahead of our body. That is, when it comes to following Jesus we make commitments we must follow through with our bodies. The implications of our faith require an embodied expression – an incarnation of the life of Jesus in our own living. … Continue reading

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Virtual (Not) Community – Shane Hipps

Back when Wired Parish was up and running I listened to a few podcasts with Shane Hipps. They were insightful and instructive. Here Shane talks about the idea of “virtual community.” What do you think?

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E-Mail Subscription

Someone recently told me they signed up for my weekly email. The problem? Some changes have been made that fail to notify me of these requests. Once my friend David Phillips, whom I affectionately refer to as zenwebmasterguru, finished his dissertation stuff I will ask for his always spot … Continue reading

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