Month: March 2009

Thoughtlessness and Moral Failure

Arendt came to the striking conclusion that thoughtlessness – that is, the failure to think reflectively about the world around us, our actions, and their possible consequences – can be a moral failing of the highest order. (“Blueberries, Accordians, and Auschwitz, Geddes,” Culture, Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies,

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Collapsing Statistics and Self-Identification

Last week several different outlets offered a take on the recently released ARIS research. For access to USA Today graphs of the data click here. The information compelled The Christian Science Monitor to include a piece written by Michael Spencer, a.k.a. iMonk. If you are … Continue reading

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Friday Photo on Monday

Shooting some photos for the Digital Photography class and found this on the sidewalk. I guess we human beings are prone to commodifying just about anything.

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Amazing Grace – Jason Milam

Jason plays acoustic guitar each week at Snow Hill. Here he puts together a nice version of Amazing Grace. Enjoy.

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Saturday I took my two sons – yes I can count them both even if one will not be offical for a few weeks – to see Watchmen. For quite some time in the aftermath of the viewing I thought to myself, “Odd. Weird.” I could not quite put … Continue reading

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