Month: March 2009

Friday Photo … Requested

Our oldest daughter, one of my web visitors, suggested the one things she misses with the new format – the Friday Photo. I have uploaded some to my Flickr page but in honor of the request I will post a weekly photo. Here you go Kimberly.

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Radical Friendship and Formation – Thoughts from the Edge

Lillian Daniel, in the February 24 edition of The Christian Century magazine, suggested the need for deep friendships in Christian spiritual formation. Her thoughts led me to reflect on the same passage for this coming Second Sunday in the Season of Lent , Mark 8:31-38. We do not really … Continue reading

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Bashir Continues to Hide Behind Political Facade – Culture of Death Continues

My daughter sent me a link this morning to the announcement the ICC has issued an arrest warrant for Bashir. Despite the possible optimism the end of the tragic events that have been Darfur CNN offers an interview which clearly demonstrates the practice of the government sponsored terror and … Continue reading

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