Month: June 2009

Will History Repeat Itself? Stetzer challenges SBC Not To

I do not often write about the SBC but some things still churn in the blogs I read over the recent Annual Meeting. In those events, I may ruminate for those interested in such a topic. Ed pointed to this article he wrote in 2003. I have brought it Continue reading

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Riddle Me An Experience In the Economy of the Church

I have been listening to Leonard Sweet’s So Beautiful. David Phillips does a good job reviewing the book here. I confess I prefer print and paper. The thought of a Kindle has intrigued me. But, I like paper and print. Bibliophiles love books in their hands, on … Continue reading

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Virtual Small Groups

My friend David Phillips and I were chatting the other day. He told me of a conversation where the idea of utilizing technology for small groups would include the platform. This is not new. We both know groups thinking of ways to do connect for meetings, book clubs, … Continue reading

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Laughing with Regina Spektor

Interesting intersections when culture meets theology.

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