Month: June 2009

Thoughts from the Edge – Acts of Grace

The heat here is oppressive. Those without any kind of conditioned air will be under an alert for the THI (Temperature Humidity Index). Warnings have been issues. Suffering in this heat will be common. Either age or existing medical condition will create the circumstance for difficulty. We can be … Continue reading

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What If SBC Outpost Reflected on the GCR and the SBC?

Leading up to this year’s SBC Annual meeting some of we alums from the old SBC Outpost shared some independent conversations. (Yes, there were three iterations of SBC Outpost. I will decline comment on any single iteration and not spar with a soul over “which one was better.”)

“What … Continue reading

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“Witness” as Vocation – Other, no matter how many, as Occupation

My friend Todd Hiestand offers a great, personal post. The line that go my attention, and should get yours too,

(By the way, I use the term â??bi-occupationalâ? instead of â??bi-vocationalâ? because I believe that my vocation as a Christian is â??witness.â? What I do for pay does

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U2 on the SBC

Despite the motion made at the Annual SBC meeting in Louisville, here is a U2 message for the last day of the meeting. Those of you who look in on us from the outside may or may not get the connection. We have a history if divisiveness that eventually … Continue reading

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iMonk “E.F. Hutton” Weighs In on Day 1 of SBC

Quoted during the SBC Pastor’s Conference. Interviewed ad nasuem after his post on the Coming Evangelical Collapse. Michael Spencer weighs in with his usual salient points. I did not have time to throw together my thoughts. Maybe tomorrow. It is late. So, if you would like to listen to … Continue reading

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