Month: June 2009

Talk is Cheap – SBC and Structures

Today marks the beginning of the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. One of the issues up for discussion/debate will be Johnny Hunt’s proposed Great Commission Resurgence. I suspect we will approve the matter and gain another code word for, “one of the good guys.” I think David Phillips told me Mac Brunson suggested that no one was against the Great Commission. I remember the days when others would say, “No one is agains the Bible,” in Southern Baptist life. So, as it goes we will ferret out the pretenders, those who refuse to sign or announce they are for inerrancy Great Commission Resurgence.

Part of the GCR, anyone more in love with acronyms that the SBC, notes the bloated bureaucracy need for better management. Those for and agin’ will line up at microphones and wax either nostalgic or poetic. One suggestion will not be heard but should be read. It is offered by David Phillips. Take a read and interact there or come back and announce your agin’ it.

Horne Notes a Take On Against Christianity

Good conversation partners are hard to come by, especially when it comes to theology. Mark lived in Minco, just west of Tuttle. He pastored a small PCA church. Mark moved to St. Louis and we rarely connect. But, I do read his blog and keep track of his goings on. For some time he has touted Peter Leithart. He persuades me to buy another book. Here is a clip of a review he points to that is worth considering,

I just finished reading Against Christianity by Peter Leithart. In this book, Dr. Leithart contrasts compares and contrasts â??Christianityâ? and â??Christendom.â? Christianity is defined as â??a set of doctrines or a system of ideas.â? Unfortunately, as the good doctor points out, â??The Bible gives no hint that a Christian â??belief systemâ?? might be isolated from the life of the Church, subjected to a scientific or logical analysis, and have its truth compared with competing â??belief systems.â??â? Jesus didnâ??t come to propose a new philosophy, but rather to establish a new society, the Church. And the Church is not only a new society, but a new humanity, the beginning of the eschatological state of the human race. As Leithart writes, â??â?¦the Church presented herself not as another â??sectâ?? or cult that existed under the umbrella of the polis; she was an alternative governing body for the city and the beginning of a new city.â?

(Read the rest at: The Flying Inn: Against Christianity. via Mark)

In Honor of the Start of the SBC Annual Meeting

I listened to a couple of the sermons from the SBC Pastor’s Conference via the web. In light of my brothers and sisters gathered in Lousville, I give you the Youngbloods.

Lake Effect

Each summer beginning in the early 1960’s we made the trek from Oklahoma City to Lake Taneycomo which wraps around Branson, MO around to Forsyth, MO. Fishing for trout was always the agenda, anything else was a side trip. There were a few times we missed a few years. We returned to the regular trip in 1994. Again with a few exceptions we made the annual trek for the past 15 years.

Here we are again.

This time we go with our grown girls and their husbands. Add in my folks and my brothers and their family and there will be plenty of Littletons, too many for most. But, we go and enjoy nonetheless. Fishing, reading, Bocce, throwing the frisbee, photography, and more fishing. All of this feet from the lake. We will enjoy the Lake Effect.

Writing from the hotel in Springfield may well be the last post for a week. Just call it the “Lake Effect.”