Month: June 2009

Seeing Through the Heart – Thoughts from The Edge

First impressions. We often live by them. We often are embarrassed by them. Samuel learned something about the heart of God after concluding first impressions with Jesse’s sons. How would it look for us to look through our hearts when seeing the other person? We might not be so … Continue reading

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The Semiotics of the GCR in the SBC

Some semioticians argue meaning is carried in codes. It would be interesting to study the SBC since the CR for just this kind of communication. Many still measure a person’s commitment to the Scriptures in code – inerrancy. The ACP is code for “Who is “getting it done?” Whatever … Continue reading

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Theology and Context – Bob “Good Point” Hyatt

N.T. Wright uses the “steering wheel” to make some good points about justification in his new book, Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision. Arguing for reading the words translated “righteousness” in the Old and New Testaments in their historic contexts, Wright suggests we may have found a shorthand … Continue reading

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