Month: July 2009

Meet Melissa May – Numbers

Our daughter Tommie introduced me to the poetry of Melissa May. She is on the Oklahoma Slam Poetry Team that will compete nationally. You may read her piece here.

And now the lighter side from aintsobad

My friend Rick returned from San Antonio with thoughts from the scenery at Sea World. This will prompt you to click over and read, at least I would,

If you eat lots of carbs and have not exercised since the Carter administration you should not ask spandex to do more than God intended when She created the material. What I have seen here the last two days could get some people arrested as war criminals.

More than a tale of Adultery and Murder – Thoughts from the Edge

Once again the week got away without a podcast. Sometimes living by a rhythm disrupts the schedule of life.

Occasionally there comes a text of Scripture which creates a bit of dissonance with well established sensibilities. Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward brought the familiar story of David and Bathsheba to the “big screen.” King David’s actions find the height of their contrast in a reference to David as a “man after God’s own heart.” Hardly a noble comparison unless one recalls the description of David preceded his mighty, well re-told fall.

Surely we know stories of falling. Why tune into politics and witness the recent affairs exposed. It would be too easy to make these stories simply stories of sexual indulgence. We would miss the point if David’s tryst was “only” an indulgence with another man’s wife. Adding insult to indulgence and digging the hole deeper the tale turns to murder. And you thought Hollywood originated such scripts.

The matter is certainly one of fidelity. But, it is less about David’s unfaithfulness as a husband, father, and king. It is more about David’s failure to offer a living example of just how humans, especially those claiming a relationship with The Deity, should relate to others/Other. The distinction does not minimize David’s actions. Instead, they heighten the egregious nature of them. Sitting on the throne of Israel, David provided a representative figurehead not just of personal morality but of relational holiness.

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Friday Photo

I picked up what some refer to as the Nifty 50 lens for my Canon. The 50mm 1.8 may become a favorite.

Surely We Can Do Better – We Must

Quick posts are sometimes the bane of blogdom. So, I sat on this yesterday morning. I did not write before the story ran on a local television station. I wanted to hear all of the comments available.

Yesterday I received a call from a local religion news writer about an incident with our state Baptist newsletter. I was pointed to this online piece drawing attention to the matter. If you are bothered by sarcasm and pointed criticism, don’t bother to click the link. Just read on.

First,  the Baptist Messenger is generally considered a religious “newspaper.” But, I contend we have a print media outlet to let us know what is going on with the BGCO and its member churches. In that sense it is a newsletter. Sure there are editorials and reprints from other “news” outlets, but it is really a newsletter. I am good with that. Even the last Editor noted he was fine with being considered a newsletter.

Second, newsletters, like our own church’s, can be perilous. Typographical errors and poor proof reading can really send some into a tailspin, especially if the mistake derails the intent of the piece. I recall sending out a weekly email a few years ago. I begin by typing, “Hello” and the word processor grabbed the first name from the created database. Simple enough. Except on this occasion I left the “o” off of my introduction. You can imagine how quickly that was pointed out to me. I raced to make the correction and offer apologies. Some laughed. Others may not have so much.

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