Month: July 2009

Guest Post at SBCImpact

I have written maybe three posts in the past 12 months on the SBC. All of them since the recent SBC Annual Meeting in Louisville. Some recent events led me to consider writing the third. I queried SBCImpact about putting up the post there. They accepted the post and put it up this morning. I simply wonder what do a series of recent events/developments mean for the GCR vote; a vote touted a maybe as important as any, some say, since 1979. You can read it here.

Eyes – Thoughts from the Edge

Learning often comes by watching, especially watching the hands. Much of what I learned about cars, plumbing, roofing, and electrical wiring, I learned from my Dad. When I read the Psalm for this week, Psalm 123, I could not help but think of watching Dad’s hands at work.

The songwriter used looking at hands as a way to signal where we should set our eyes. Today we would say our eyes should be considering the ways of Jesus. Attentive to the manner in which he loved and cared for people calls from us similar commitments and patterns – if we would keep our eyes on Jesus, the Christ.

Tribal Leadership?

Eugene Cho offers some thoughts and questions based on a recent YouTube video. He asks, “Courage or Herd Mentality?” I am wondering what Godin would say, Tribal Leaderhsip?