Month: September 2009

From the “I Can’t Believe It, Oh Yes I Can File.”

A friend tipped me off to this website where for a fee those who follow the eschatological view which includes a rapture may feel a sense of confidence about their pets. I could not help but think we might do well to listen to our critics to see how … Continue reading

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Not Now But Later – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes good designs fall prey to unseen fault lines. We often fail to account for our own foibles and natural selfishness. When unhindered these “fault lines” unhinge very important and valuable relationships. The texts for this coming Sunday demonstrate God’s good design in creation and human relationships suffer under … Continue reading

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More than Photography

Listen carefully to the first part of Taryn Simon’s presentation. Then follow as she works through her thesis. There are some important things underlying her project that help us in understanding the nature and benefit of thinking through semiotics.

Symbols and meaning are important. I was certainly struck by … Continue reading

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Engaging the World On Its Terms


I recall an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. (How about that season premiere on grief?) Meredith was “fine.” Now really she was not “fine.” But when asked how she was doing, she said, “fine.” So often did Meredith say “fine” that it no longer meant anything.

We face the danger … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

We disembarked the ship in Ketchikan and walked around town before heading out to for a boat ride where we would check crab pods. In a small area containing much of the flora of Alaska we witnessed this incredible yellow. Look close you may see the dew still clinging … Continue reading

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