Month: January 2010

Friday Photo

Shawn Skaggs offered a tweet yesterday that he would be staying home in light of the “icenado and blizzmageddon” bearing down on Oklahoma. Fortunately in our specific area we did not lose power.

In a lull from the freezing rain I put out some food for our feathered friends. You can see how the ice has collected on our suet feeder. I have been trying to get a shot of the House Finch as it forages on the ground but no good shot yet. Read More

Nude Justice – Bill Kinnon Gets Naked

You must run over and read the short post at Bill exposes readers to what is often apparently missed in the clear reading of Scripture. Jesus describes the manner in which justice is expressed in the world by those who would follow his way in Matthew 25 – it is the work of the Gospel to set a sin wrecked world right. Standing to read from the Isaiah scroll in Luke 4 Jesus points to what he will do – the declaration of the Good News – set a sin wrecked world right.

Missing the connection between these two texts appears to give preference to a self-selected reading of the Scriptural narrative. An unnecessary bifurcation results. These sorts of false antithesis would be called out by some. Bill calls this adventure in missing the connection by exposing the wardrobe malfunction in our narrative reading.

Good job Bill.

The Missional Slope, or Should Have Linked to Kinnon

Here in Oklahoma we are bracing for what meteorologists believe will be a major “winter event.” Translation for you not schooled in Okie meteorological euphemisms. We are headed for some rain, followed by freezing rain, then sleet, finally snow. By late Friday a wintry paralysis will blanket the state. Schools are already prepared to close. Weather teams hearken back to ’07 when power outages were common and slippery roads kept wise people indoors.

Turn on and tune in to the interwebs last week and you will discover the “winter event” of obsessive slippery-ness has found a home with those “concerned about missional.” Fear of slipping is common sense when on the ice. But, when there is no ice, it seems whatever you are against becomes the slope du jour.

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God is Not Your Personal Echo Chamber in the Sky

Another reason why I continue to read Leonard Pitts Jr.

“The point is not that he or we can do what Martin Luther King did or be who Mother Teresa was — we all suffer in that comparison. No, the point is that truest faith is not seen in a secret code on a gun sight, a trinket from a store or words on a rock. Rather, faith is seen in the substance of a life lived in service to others, lived as if God were not in fact one’s personal echo chamber in the sky.”

Read the piece here.

Typography with Taylor Mali

A great video project using the poetry of Taylor Mali. Put together by Ronnie Bruce.