Month: January 2010

Friday Photo – Lighthouse on Lake Hefner

Tuesday the fog rolled in. I made a visit to the hospital and then had a lunch appointment. Lake Hefner was on the way and I was a bit early. There were a number of photo ops around the lake. … Continue reading

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The Scofield Bible – Mangum and Sweetnam

My first “preaching” Bible was The New Scofield Reference Bible. Every young “preacher boy” needed a “big black bible.” That was in the 1979. The fact is at the time it was one of the few annotated “study” Bibles available. And it was far and away the best … Continue reading

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No Contradiction – Thoughts from the Edge

I recently finished Todd Mangum and Mark Sweenam’s new book, The Scofield Bible: Its History and Impact on the Evangelical Church. One of the traits of Scofield’s notes presented itself in working through the relationship between Law and Grace. I will offer a review of this book in … Continue reading

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Missing Jesus – De-humanizing People

“Why doesn’t the church come out against nut jobs like this when this type of vomit spews from their mouth. Or does this joker represent the views of the church?”

A young friend recently expressed his disgust over Pat Robertson’s now (in)famous declaration of cause for the Haitian earthquake. … Continue reading

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Slavery By Any Other Name – Tragic

Over at, Marty is offering a four part series based on his interview with Pulitzer Prize winning Douglas Blackmon. He begins,

It seems fitting that this series is being launched on the holiday to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. since the primary subject

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